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Magi-Cut Modules

Build as you go

Magi-Cut Modular comprises of seven add-on modules and four optimisation options, enabling you to purchase and implement the software as and when you need.

You can link with other applications and external systems using Magi-Cut's open format import and export facilities, and there's also a network option available.

CAD Drawing Interface

Easy to use 2D drawing and room layout

If you draw your room layouts using this module, you can then automatically generate the product requirements list with all variables ready answered.

Find out more about CAD Drawing Interface

Products & Quotes

For fast response to enquiries and orders

Enter details of your regular and customisable products and let Magi-Cut prepare and process your quotations, sales orders and production.

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Parts & Labels

For better management and tracking of parts

Use the Parts module to hold the full specification and a drawing for each part, and produce labels for accurate part identification.

Find out more about Parts & Labels

Destacking and Palletisation

Efficient off-stacking and faster through flow

You can streamline the throughput at the saw by letting the DS module allocate parts to off-stacking stations efficiently.

Find out more about destacking & palletisation

Stock Control

For accurate and efficient inventory management

Implement the stock control module to keep track of your raw material usage, and control the use of offcuts.

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Edges & Laminating

Accurate application and costing of edge-banding materials

Choose the Edging module and let the program automatically adjust your cutting list sizes, and calculate your edge banding requirements.

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Machining Interface

For fast setup of your CNC machinery

For total integration between your saw and machining centre use bar code labels to ensure the correct program is applied to each part.

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Magi-Cut a real time saver!

I am a kitchen manufacturer and have used Magi-Cut software for three years. The application is sophisticated yet easy to use. ‘Kitchen’ from drawing to CNC in minutes with any size or modification done instantly

Harold Nicholson - Hillside Interiors