Magi-Cut Express

Fast optimised patterns for cutting wood

Magi-Cut Express is an excellent starter program for panel optimisation. Working from your list of part sizes and available sheet sizes, Express will tell you the best way to cut your sheets for maximum yield.

Minimum system requirements

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  • Express can optimise a list of up to 1000 pieces to be cut from a variety of materials and sheet sizes.
  • Printed patterns give clear cutting instructions for the operator of your panel or table saw.
  • Part sizes, quantities, grain, and board sizes can be entered by keyboard or pasted from a spreadsheet.
  • The Express optimiser allows for grain direction, board trims, saw blade thickness and you can limit the pattern complexity.
  • Configurable summaries and printed reports include parts produced, boards used, and a list of patterns required.

Simple to use, powerful in action

Magi-Cut Express is a low cost cutting optimiser for sheet material, and gives you all you need to get started with simplicity of operation and instant results.

The program includes extensive help to guide you all the way, and is very quick to install and put into immediate operation.

Why Magi-Cut Express?

  • Simple to use
  • Reduce errors
  • Save time
  • Less waste
  • Fast payback
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Magi-Cut Cloud

Free Online Optimisation

Available on most devices with an internet connection and web browser; there is nothing to download or install and it’s FREE to use. Try Magi-Cut Cloud today.

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