Saw Interface

For transferring cutting instructions or patterns

The Saw Interface transfers patterns or cutting instructions and where appropriate online printing data to your CNC-controlled saw, and it will estimate the cutting times for each job.

This feature is only included with the Standard Optimiser and Professional Optimiser modules.

  • SO
  • PO


  • A wide range of formats for different saw types are supported.
  • The cutting times will be considered for minimum overall production cost.
  • Export of pattern exchange PTX files in ASCII\Unicode, ACCESS MDB or SQLite database format, ASCII CPOUT or DXF file format.
  • Extensive parameters allow detailed estimates of cutting time for single and multiple axis saw systems, based on saw carriage and program fence speeds and clamp positions.
  • Data from the saw can be analyzed to monitor saw productivity and provide a shift analysis. Actual cycle times can be compared with theoretical estimates and a variance report produced.

Improved production capacity.

Improved production capacity.

The saw interface allows patterns or cutting instructions to be downloaded to your CNC-controlled saw and estimates cutting times for each job, eliminating setup times and avoiding errors in production.

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