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Optimise Your Yield and Profits

For maximum efficiency when cutting purchase one of our four sheet optimising options. There are three saw optimisers and a nesting optimiser to choose from, each of which allows import from other applications or modules, or keyboard entry of part lists. The board library allows you to store a list of standard materials with multiple sheet sizes.

  • IN
  • LO
  • SO
  • PO
  • NE

Magi-Cut Intro

See what's new in V10 today

Magi-Cut Intro provides an introduction to the powerful Magi-Cut Modular system and its 30 day trial is a great way to try the new features of our latest release Version 10.

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Lite Optimiser

For the table saw or small beam saw

If your cutting lists have a variety of materials, many sizes, with low quantities, then LO will improve your yield and save you money.

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Standard Optimiser

For CNC single-axis beam saws

For batches of cutting lists with extensive part information SO allows you to plan your cutting and make last minute changes with ease.

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Professional Optimiser

For large beam saws and angle plants

PO balances the cost of raw materials with the cost of cutting time, and produces patterns to minimise overall cost in high volume operations.

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Nesting Optimiser

For routers and nesting machines

A fast and powerful nesting optimiser for creating cost efficient patterns for cutting both rectangular and shaped parts for companies of all sizes.

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V10 Software

The latest version of our industry-leading software

Version 10 is now available, offering a range of exciting new features, including faster processing, and instant visual analysis of key results.

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Quick and Accurate

The Magi-Cut system is quick and accurate, and so easy to use. Our business is 80% cut to size and this upgraded version has enabled us to be more efficient, with a faster response to our customers requirements

Julie Gardner - Amari Plastics
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