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Version 10 of Magi-Cut, launched October 2015, offers many new features and compatibility with Windows 10.

In particular, the new version includes better data handling in part list and board list, a wizard for importing parts from XLS files, and enhanced pattern graphics with material picture thumbnails available in many summaries.

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to work on multiple part lists using separate tabs.
  • Many new fields in board list including material picture thumbnail.
  • New import wizard for external part lists.
  • Choice of font and size for labelling pattern drawings.
  • Material pictures used for enhanced display of pattern drawing.
  • Machining drawings - new drawing methods for arcs.
  • Saw transfer parameters - Ability to export patterns in SQLite database format.
  • Nesting - option to automatically leave tabs around small parts.
  • Label designer - 2d barcodes.
  • Excel import - Use sheet names, columns can be specified by letter.
  • Nesting - Tool path view with animation of stay down and common edge routing.
  • Board library - Filtering on material and board codes.
  • Nested pattern editor – allows snap to adjacent part.
  • Run summaries may be sorted by up to 3 chosen fields.
  • Fields in the board list can be set by user-defined rules.
  • Position of part in grain match template shown on part label.
  • Part lists and board lists can be imported from Unicode format files.
  • Support for Woodwop MPRX format drawing files.
  • Nesting - Stay down routing, common edge routing, machining times.
  • Product Library & Part Library - Search and replace across current or all records.
  • Label designer - Calculated fields.
  • Machining library & drawings - 3D viewer.
  • Archiving - Auto archiving of runs by age.
  • Online notification of software updates.
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Upgrade to V10 today!

If you are an existing user of Magi-Cut at V8.x or V9.0 you can update to Version 10 at greatly reduced prices. V10 includes full copy and convert functionality allowing you to migrate your existing data records from an older version automatically. Note that in V10 the Edging and laminating module is now bundled with all of the optimisation modules. See price list for further details.

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Try Magi-Cut V10 Today!

Magi-Cut Intro Free 30 day trial

Try Magi-Cut V10 Today!

Magi-Cut Intro Free 30 day trial

Magi-Cut Intro provides and introduction to the powerful Magi-Cut Modular system, and its 30 day trial is a great way to try the new features of our latest release Version 10.

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